Friday, 14 January 2011

Coming to the End - I cant believe it's been nearly a month

On Sunday we went  ice skating and in the afternoon we went to the zoo with Abi, Talia and Tim to see the penguin parade.  The kids really enjoyed themselves, but it was absolutely freezing.

On Monday at physio Evan didn't do as well, until the end when he balanced really well on a gym ball which he couldn't do previously.

In the afternoon he amazed us by walking with his sticks on his own, but what topped it off was:


This is the reason we came here and our goal for the trip that we thought we wouldn't achieve so soon.  Thank you everyone for making this happen for Evan.

The rest of this week has paled into insignificance, but he has been showing his new trick off every evening to his friends and is getting more and more confident on his walker and his sticks.  in fact, we may have to relegate his walker as he is getting too fast wanting to jump around in it.

We are coming to the end of our stay, but it is just starting for others.  Annabelle and her family are now back at the hotel and it has been lovely seeing her rapid progress.  She is already in her walker, way ahead of where Evan was at the same stage and she is a determined little girl who we know will do well.  The last social evening was on Wednesday after a leaving party at Carrie, Tim, Abi and Talia's apartment.We will all miss social evening as it has been a great way for the kids to inspire each other. 

Abi, Evan, Annabelle, Amelia and Talia with Sasha at dinner

This will probably be the last post until we return home unless Evan decides to walk unaided.  We have had ups and downs during the journey, but it has been a fantastic experience which we are grateful for and Evan a new start in life.  We have met some great people who we hope will be friends for many years to come.  We look forward to coming back in 2012 to show all the fantastic staff at St. Louis what they have achieved for Evan.  Thank you to Dr Park, James Lee and dr. Dobbs.  Special thanks to the physio team, in particular Michael, Beth and Nicole who have worked hard to help us get Evan where he is.  We are really looking forward to seeing Michael at the SDR party on 29th January in Daventry.

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