Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Quite a while since we posted, but as Evan has been getting stronger we have taken the opportunity to go out and about a little more.  On 29th we visited Union Street Station which is now home to shops and a hotel.  Evan got a Cardinals Cap so that he could get into the American spirit of things - he has picked up the accent for some words, so seemed appropriate.

On to physio in the afternoon and concentrated on standing and did some work on the scooter boards to get Evan to pull himself along with his feet.

More physio on 30th and Evan went on the Total Gym to help strengthen his muscles.  I don't think we have room for another piece of gym equipment at home!  Maybe we will get rid of the ones which are used as clothes rails currently!

In the evening we went downstairs for dinner and  we did a treasure hunt which seemed to really motivate the kids to walk.  It made a real mess, but they had fun so it was worth it.  The picture shows Abi, Pola and Evan walking in their walkers finding the treasure.

New Years Eve arrived and we went to physio early.  Evan did some great work climbing up and down stairs holding on to the rail. He also had squeakers on his feet to help remind him to put his heels down when walking - he does this from habit now.  It really helped and he had great fun chasing Michael - see the you tube link below.

New Years Eve after physio we went to the Zoo.  Unfortunately we don't have photographs as we walked in the door and were ushered into the gift shop as there was a tornado warning - four people died in Missouri, so it was quite serious as it landed in the North of the city.  After 45 minutes we were allowed to leave, but the zoo remained shut down.  Never mind, we went to the science museum instead.  We didn't have much time there so worth another visit if only to see the grossology exhibition - snot, vomit and other yucky stuff I'm sure Evan will love.  They also have a fantastic animated T-Rex which scared Evan.

In the evening Evan did some great walking and you can really see the benefits of surgery by the way he is standing in his walker.  Before his legs would be so close together which really didn't help balance and meant he got tangled up quite a lot.

After ringing Nanny and Bampy for UK New Year and watching the whole of Jools Holland's for the first time ever, we went to the Newton Smith's apartment to try to ring in 2011, but only lasted until 11:30.  Evan was exhausted and fell asleep at 11:45.  We stayed up to ring Nanny and Bampy again at midnight - 6am UK time - ha ha!

Talia and Evan playing doctors

Dr Newton Smith - this is to fit a 3 year old!!!!
New Years Day was very lazy and we slept in.  In the afternoon we had a drive around to explore and went for lunch in a Celtic Bar.  They had Port Talbot Tuna Melt on the menu - bizarre.  In the evening we all went for dinner at a fish restaurant and the kids walked around at the end.  Fantastic end to a great few days.

Evan walking out after dinner

Evan and Mummy outside Landry's Fish restaurant

Sasha arrives tonight and we are really looking forward to her being here and for her to learn the physio Evan needs when he gets home.  More news next week, hopefully showing more progress for Evan who seems to be going from strength to strength.

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