Wednesday, 29 December 2010

On the Road Again!

After a day of being discouraged, Evan decided he wanted to stand at a table and play.   Physio was great as we concentrated on getting him strong and stretching, but it was when he was allowed on the bike as a treat and had to walk there hands held that he must have gained the confidence to stand back at the apartment.

Things got better in the evening when we met at the Newton Smith's apartment.  |All the families went for dinner and inspired by Pola and Abi walking Evan decided he wanted to walk too - hands held, but at least a start.

Physio on Tuesday 28th was great.  Evan got his new sticks for walking.  This is much more difficult than a walker and he was keen to try them.  He walked 51 steps with help and is getting stronger every day.

In the evening we went for dinner again and Evan tried his sticks but was a bit tired and we got him to use his walker instead.  It was amazing, he walked really well and was nearly as good as before the surgery.  We have been giving him treats for doing well and have promised him flashing shoes like Pola and Abi have to encourage him further.

We are encouraged by the Holland family post about Leo who had the same surgery and didn't walk prior.  He was told as was Evan he would walk independently within a year (first steps for Evan) and today he walked independently, having not returned back from St. Louis long ago.  Truly amazing and an inspiring story.

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  1. Hi Evan,
    It was really exciting to speak to you on skype the other day.
    We've been following your blog to keep up to date with your progress. It's good to hear you are doing so well and we can't believe you walked 51 steps on your sticks!!!
    keep up the good work. Love Gary and Sam x