Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Dr Evan Meets Dr Park

We had a full day today, with the main part starting with a Physical therapy assessment.  This was very positive and quad sticks are being ordered for Evan so he can walk with sticks rather than a frame.  Then in his doctors lab coat Evan went to meet Doctor Park.  Dr Park was very positive about Evan's future potential.  There is only a 20% chance he will need orthopedic surgery after the Rhizotomy is completed and within a year he should take independent steps.  There is no reason why he cannot walk fully independently in the future, but he needs to build strength through walking in Physical Therapy sessions.   Evan's surgery is set for 7:15am- 13:15 UK time, 14:15 CET.

We then went to see Pola and Abigail, who had the surgery some days ago.  Both are doing well and their parents are really pleased with the outcome.

We finished the day with a treat at the Cheesecake Factory as Evan will not be able to eat after midnight and then back home to get ready for an early start: 05:45 at the hospital.

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