Saturday, 25 December 2010

On the Mend for Christmas Eve

Well we haven't updated the blog because it's been a really tiring few days.  Evan has slept quite well, but with all the buzzers and the nurses coming in I haven't slept well at all.  Evan's dad has had to travel back and fore to the hotel early and late, so all in all we've been quite exhausted. At least we have a room to ourselves.  The picture above is a beautiful poster card given to us by colleagues in Atradius Belgium to put on his room door.

When we were transfered to the ward, Evan still slept quite a lot as he was receiving quite a lot of medication, so there wasn't much to report anyway.  This was reduced on the afternoon of the 23rd and his appetite kicked in big time:  Toast, Jelly, Ice Cream, Banana, Carrots and more.  The doctors and nurses are really pleased with his progress.

The next night was difficult as Evan stayed awake until 11pm and then started feeling some pain in his back which kept him awake in the night.  He was then up early watching Disney films after taking pain medication.  Must be the affects of having so much sleep in the previous days.

Christmas Eve arrived and so did our first physio session.  The first session only concentrated on transferring him from the bed to the buggy and back again.  This was quite hard as Evan was in some pain and a bit frightened.  He was a bit weak so it was a struggle.  Later in the day he had physio with "Mad Michael" which he really enjoyed even if he was in a bit of pain.  We learnt to get him to help with transferring from bed and then went to the physio room.  Evan transferred to the mat and we learnt some stretches.  The highlight of the session were seeing Evan's legs so loose as before surgery we couldn't pull his legs apart without them springing back together; now they go really wide apart and stay there.  He also asked to get into a crawling position and crawled a little.  After physio we went to a fantastic playroom they have for all children in the hospital.  There were hundreds of toys and Evan got given a huge Christmas Tree Balloon.

After such a hard physio session, we settled down with tea to watch Peter Pan and then to bed for to wait for Santa to arrive.  

Evan has been in the news quite a lot: we did a skype interview for tv, so check them out on:

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