Sunday, 19 December 2010

On our way to St. Louis: 17th December 2010

After warnings of snow we decided to head up the day before and stay in Heathrow.  The next day, fresh after a good nights sleep, we headed for T4 for our first flight to Atlanta.  We looked out of the window at the gate as the sky turned grey and the snow started to come in, turning to a blizzard.  Luckily it eased off and with an hours delay we made it on the flight.  Evan was excellent for the whole flight and we managed to get him to sleep only for an hour and  a half.  At Atlanta we knew we were cutting it fine with only 30 minutes to transfer and we ended up missing the connection.  We were transfered onto a later flight and finally got to the hotel at midnight local time after a 20 hour day.  Evan was oblivious having slept all the way from Atlanta.  The hotel is great and they had left a christmas tree in our room ready to decorate the next day.  One of the other families had sent us a message to say they had gotten us a kettle and to welcome us.  Two of the children here had the same operation already before we arrived, so we are looking forward to seeing how they are getting on.

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