Monday, 27 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Well Santa came to the hospital and Evan was really happy, but as you can see it was a bit much.  He is still tired and very weak.  He managed to crawl more today, but slept for hours afterwards.  In the meantime his dad and I had Chicken and Chips for Xmas lunch, which was a bit different. Carrie Newton Smith called in to give us and Evan presents which was a lovely surprise.  Forgot to say that Pola's mum and dad also came in with a lovely gift the day before for him and he played with it for hours.  It is a real community with everyone looking after each other.

Boxing day was discharge day and we were looking forward to therapy.  Evan is still weak and we are encouraging him to keep his head up to gain strength.  He is quite frightened of being picked up and this is not helping.  He cried before therapy and we couldn't console him for some time.

Once in therapy he was a different boy.  The therapists have a way with the children which seems to reassure Evan.  He managed to sit unaided playing basketball which is great as we have struggled to get him to sit with his head up.

Also he got to ride a bike and did a lot of the work himself. Given we were struggling to get him to agree to get out of bed this is a major step forward.

Once home he was really tired but he wouldn't give in.  He wants to walk, but is unable to bare his weight at all in his walker.  I think this is discouraging him and he wants his old legs back.  His dad did some stretches whilst he watched TV and then we went for a walk downstairs.  He was so tried though he asked to go back for tea and was out like a light early.

We hope that tomorrows physio will help him become more confident as it will start looking at standing.  Michael is fantastic as a physio and we have great faith in his ability to encourage him.

Once he went to bed we both relaxed and caught up on rubbish tv with a beverage or two.  I haven't seen the outside of the hospital since 21st December, so it was a relief to be out.  I have to sayhowever that the view was fantastic and they have a beautiful rooftop garden in the hospital which I did get to sample.

Merry Christmas and Cheers.

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