Sunday, 9 January 2011

Farewell to Friends

6 Jan: We had a slow start in physio and Evan was quite distracted.  He wasn't co-operating on the treadmill so we tried another new piece of equipment the Biodex.  This helps with resistance in the legs and movement of the leg up and down.  He was still distracted but we told him it was a space rocket and this got some response out of him. 

Michael also showed us a good way to help with his balance and we have a great video of this below.  This is one for Steve given my dodgy shoulder.

Balancing Act

In the afternoon we went to The Magic House to show Sasha what fantastic facilities there are for kids here.  We had a great afternoon and Sasha had the shock treatment while Evan had a helping hand!

In the evening Inside Out were filming the next stage of Abigail's story.  Carrie and Tim asked all the families to join them for dinner downstairs to get involved and we had a fantastic evening. 

Hansens, Newton-Smiths and Podgorskis

Rafal and Evan - such a nice picture

The kids really showed off.  I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't get a picture or video of Abi pushing the SDR train because she did so well.  Hopefully someone else did and can post the link here.  In the meantime, here's a few of the gang on the SDR train.

On the way back to the apartment Evan walked one handed for the first time ever.  Before he would try and end up pivoting on his feet close together.  He did 30 steps.  He has struggled a little bit since, but still it's a great start and he has started holding one hand only on his walker as well.  He is still only 3 weeks post surgery, so he is doing incredibly well.  The walking is on you tube link below.

Evan walking one handed.

The next day Evan did some good work playing basket ball sit to stand and working his feet to kick a football

In the afternoon we met Dr. Park for the last time and he was really happy with Evan's progress.  He has said Evan will definitely walk independently in less than a year and we will come back now in Spring 2012.

So to the last chapter of today's post and a sad one.  The Podgorski's left on 8th and this evening we went for farewell drinks at their apartment.  They really have been a big motivating factor to the kids and Happy Birthday in Dutch has been the anthem of everyone's journey.  Evan told us he loves Pola and I know he is really going to miss her.  They are similar ages and she has really spurred him on by doing so well.  We will definitely visit Amsterdam in the near future.  I will also miss her little sister Julia as she is so cute and eventually let me pick her up to throw her around - light as a feather and mischief in her eyes.  A sad day, but also a happy end as the next part of the journey for them begins - we wish them the very best and we know Pola will do well.


  1. We miss you already! Greetings from Amsterdam! We are waiting for you here- come asap!
    All the best for your last week in St. Louis

    Podgorski family

  2. Well done little Evan, so happy to see how well your getting on.. your an Amazing little man. Love to you and your family and friends new and old that have made this possible for you..

    Love and best wishes always Jackie xx